Wildlife & Nature Tour

Designed to maximize wildlife & nature observation, photography and park ecology.

Available May 26 to October 8th
Adults: $225   Children 6 to 16: $100   Kids under 6: free

This tour is designed to maximize wildlife & nature observation, photography and park ecology. Dale Robert Franz a renown professional wildlife photographer and expert naturalist with undergraduate degrees in Wildlife Biology and Geology and graduate studies in Earth Science will guide each tour. The drive along the “Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway” before even reaching the east gate of Yellowstone will give your the chance to observe, grizzly and black bears, moose, mule and whitetail deer, elk, bighorn sheep, bald eagles ospreys and more. As we enter Yellowstone through the east gate we’ll drive over Sylvan Pass a great location for bighorn sheep and grizzly bears. In the Hayden Valleys you will see large bison herds, elk and a great chance to see wolves and grizzly bears. We’ll then drive over Dunraven Pass to an elevation of nearly 9000′. It’s spectacular when multitudes of wildflower species bloom and is a home to much wildlife. We will then head for Roosevelt Junction driving through some of the best black bear habitat in the park. We’ll exit the park through the Northeast Gate. On our way out we’ll travel through the amazing Lamar Valley perhaps the best area in the world to view wild wolves. We then enter the rugged Absaroka Mountains where we may be able to spot mountain goats and is home to a good number of moose. To get back to Cody we drive over the spectacular “Dead Indian Pass” with amazing mountain scenery and abundant wildlife visible.

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Bison calves during spring in Yellowstone D. Robert Franz
Grizzly bear and cub D. Robert Franz
Bull moose with antlers in velvet during summer in Wyoming D. Robert Franz
Bighorn sheep on winter range in Yellowstone National Park D. Robert Franz
Coyote Pups D. Robert Franz
Bison and Gray Wolf D. Robert Franz
Coyote drinking from creek in Yellowstone National Park D. Robert Franz
Gray Wolf in Yellowstone National Park D. Robert Franz

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